[Review] Midnight Fleur Eau De Parfum: The Flowers Blooming at Midnight

I began super excited about fragrances since I started my new journey at uni, getting dragged into bunches of new people in a completely new place. So my first task was “making friends”. I don’t consider myself as an extrovert kind of person starting conversations with everyone, and I don’t want to be an extrovert either, honestly. I ended up finding my own way letting them coming for me instead. Something as delicate as fragrance turns to be another way of communication, an attraction booster! As that simple, my fragrance journey began and Midnight Fleur Eau De Parfum did conquer me at the very first sniff.

The nose behind this fragrance is Jerome Epinette. As its description, the key notes for the fragrance are exotic woods, black amber, patchouli, and vanilla orchid. Top note is Jasmine; middle notes are Vanilla orchid and Exotic Woods; base notes are Black Amber and Patchouli.

I get intoxicated into the scent immediately as the bottle just gets opened. It brings me straight to a summer night, walking in an other worldy tropical forest, deep and rich woods, being allured by the scent of flowers bloomming. Can you imagine that? Something sophisticated, beautiful and also mysterious. I wouldn’t call it is sexy, because for me, it is just not. It’s not flirty nor soliciting but feeling like standing in front of a vanila orchird blooming at midnight, fresh and pure, you just can’t help but being allured to keep watching. Appealing but untouchable!

Not to mention, It’s long lasting. With long lasting effects, Midnight Fleur deserves for special night events and it is absolutely perfect for date nights. I would prefer wearing it on summer night when the heat is cooling down and it would be even greater in autum and winter.

With the price of $113 AUD for 50ml and $41 AUD for 8ml, Midnight Fleur is estimated as an affordable perfume compared to other luxury fragrance brands.

Plus, the design of the perfule is absolutely stunning. The fragrance housed in a gorgeously designed bottle inspired by the works of British artist Mary Delaney.

Well, all of the effort has been paid off! Lauched in 2012, Midnight Fleur is currently known as one of the best sellers of the brand, still. If you’re also interested in fragrances, Midnight Fleur might be a perfect choice.

Incredible benefits gained only if studying abroad

Hey, I’ve just graduated! As you know, I am an international student, I mean, I “was”. I just completed my last semester in August. So, I no longer being a college girl, dreamily traipsing around the campus, attending most of parties, but getting ready to get my very first steps into my career path instead. It was such an incredible journey! Three-year studying aboard brought me so much amazing memories and experiences. Solid academic knowledge is not the only benefit gained after your degree. Trust me! Beside arming myself with knowledge, I realise that there are things that I would have never known or have taken me a longer time to realize if I hadn’t chosen this way. So, here are those incredible lessons I learned while being oversea!

1. To understand self-value and learn the lesson of selflove

One of the most amazing lessons I have learned while being in Melbourne is getting to know more about selfvalue. Growing up as a typical Asian girl, I hadn’t never stepped out of my comfort zone, therefore, I always had hard time believing in myself. Being in Melbourne has definitely changed that! At first, It was extremely difficult for a girl living alone in a city which is 10000 miles far away from her hometown, being embraced by different culture, facing new challenges, like me, but I eventually came out the other end. My skills had gotten built up throw my experiences. I know my strengths as well as my weaknesses, hence, be proud of what I have. I saw me getting completely changed compared to girl with bright eyes and tangled hair back in 2018.

2. To build up new aspects of culture: Respect the differences

As living in a global country, I am enabled to get involved into an extremely cultural diverse community. I’ve meet peer students, made new friends with people from different backgrounds. I always knew that people are different, not having a fully understanding, but seeing is believing! I got amazed by the Korean drinking culture, in which parties are mainly thrown at late night with a bunch of games and activites. Japanese are famous with their calmness, but when it comes to meeting them in person, I realised they are also very friendly. I still feel the excitement flowing throw my body while experiencing Westerner culture, even though I have read of it thousand times. In fact, there are numerous culture things that I would never get a hang of. I ended up respecting the differences and understanding that people are raised and live their own lives differently. It is incredible to gradually reveaI the beauty of the culture hidden in. I realise that as long as I respect and be kind to others, I will always get respected!

3. To see the world

Studying abroad is a great choice for those who call themselves as the explorers, especially when it comes to Australia, a country with a myriad of awe-inspiring destinations. For me, while studying in another country, beside arming ourselves with knowledge, it is indispensable for us to discover the destinations there. Plus, having friends as locals is such an advantage making sure that you wouldn’t lost in unattractive places.

4. To boost up confidence

My confidence got soared drastically. Studying aboard definitely has something to do with. Confidence is actually something that we are able to practiced. I feel confident while my vison get wisen as I am learning new experiences in variety of perspectives almost everyday. In addition, living in completely new city also brings up a sense of wanting to take a leap and try new things. I get enough courages to make the changes without being afraid of being judmented. Well, just take the time while aboard as your gold ticket to explore the unknown you!

5. To think outside the box: Hey! there is NO BOX!

I have been told to think outside the box my whole life, and it always is such an abstact term to understand, to be honest! We are living in a world got framed by the idea of “being normal”. The way we think and act are basicly shaped by social standards, thus narrowing down our visions. That’s where “the box” is formed. While being oversea, the people I have met, the experiences I have learned taught me heaps about the difference, thus wisening my views. There is just no box limiting us from being creative in soving problems! It is totally fine even your ideas are not similar to the crowd!

If you are deciding to start over in new country, then I guaranteer it would be your life changing decision!

Recording memories

I just cleaned up my room as Melbourne is in spring now, and summer is approaching, very soon. And I accidentally found my secret box which has all of my pictures, drawings, thoughts and hand writing letters i have kept for years. I found myself on a quiet place at my house. Morning sunlight shone throw the window. I tilted my head back, breathing the fresh breeze of spring. My memories jumped up and ambushed me as each page was slowly opened…

I saw me as a 18 year-old kid in my hand drawings. I was with my friends, siting on a big bench in campus till late night. I was seeking for advices as I was deciding to drop off my current university and start over in another country. We were discussing and gazing at other groups of student playing basketball. The weather in early autumn was still generally quite hot and humid. A brisk wind blew throw my hair, going with the delicate fragrance of milkwood pine flowers. Under the weak light radiated from the street-lamps, all I felt was the excitements and curiosity, wondering “Will it be ok?”.

The notebook brought me back to the atmosphere at the airport before I went to Melbourne. The airport was thicken by people. My family and friends were all there. My mom was busy taking care of me. She talked faster, and did things faster. She carefully double checked my luggages, wrote the name tags, and didn’t forget telling me to stay safe and asking me to keep updating her once i arrived. My dad cried his eyes out. His big dark eyes got flooded in tears. My dad tried hard to wipe them away, pretending like he was ok. His voice cracked. I had never seen him like this before. I knew that I love them immensely! I appreciated all of my friends who came, they gave me hugs, gifts and blessing. I put one of my friend’s letter carefully in the back of a notebook. The paper has turned into ivory colour and the dark navy letters have gotten faded away because of time. I remember I bursted out at the first time I opened it, and I still cry now, after these years. For a moment, I realised that we all need family and we all need friends.

My notebook is stuffed with full of thoughts. I says pretty much of every new things I had experienced and the new people I had met. I wrote about the strange summer sky in Melbourne, which made me wait till late to see the blue sky turned pale blue and finally transformed into dark navy. I wrote about how excited my Japanese friend was when she firstly tried my Vietnamese food and how I felt when I tried hers. I wrote about my beloved roommates, and I wrote about how lucky I am to have them. I was so graceful about being surround by great people, I believe that it is unable to express my feelings by words. I gave my classmates at uni my drawing as the gifts, hopefully, they would remember me as the way I do. Everything seem so vivid to me as I feel like I got back in time.

I still try to record what happens in my life, even just my silly thoughts. Once looking back, I am thankful for what I have been through and treasure the present!

Unfold the secrets hidden behind the success of Never Have I Ever Series

I love movies! Watching movies for me, is the best way to entertain and learn. Why? Because what happens on films bassicly reflects the world we are living in. It would take me forever to talk about good movies, some just bring up so much emotions, some are so meaningful. And if you asked me an example of series that just amazed me by the way it reflects our world, it would be Never Have I Ever. Published in 2020, the series have created a global heat wave by ranking #1 around the world on Netflix. The show immediately becomes one of Netflix stellar series, bringing back to Netflix tons of lauds from both film critiques and audiences.

Let’s take a closer look seeing what makes it so successful!

1. Reveal the untold true

The crucial factor contributing to the success is the screenplay of Never Have I Ever, thanks to Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher. Netflix has nailed it since deciding to bring the experience of immigrant family into the front and centre of the screen, publising it all over the world. If you are also a film lover, you probably notices that, for years, American film makers focusing mainly on portraying the dominant American population which refers to white people, while ignoring the rest parts of the society. Film products exploiting about Asian society are just so rare that the audiences don’t have a chance understanding the insight of Asian community in America. Imagine if you were an Asian American who acctually lives within the society but barely see himself/ herself as the main character on movies 🙂 Thus, Never Have I Ever created an exception, distinguishing itself from its competitors by coming up with new perspectives, offering the audiences the story which is rarely told, the communities of immigrant people.

The immigrant community story is spilled out just so naturally by sneaking into Devi’s life, an American high school girl raised in an Indian family. The audiences are enabled seeing things throw the lens of an insider, discovering how a first-immigrant-generation girl perceives herself and the difficulties she has been throw during adolescent period. As a typical teenage, Devi is busy dealing with her teen melodrama: popularity, getting a hot boyfriend, strict immigrant mom ruining her life – you know the deal. In fact, Mindy doesnt hesitage at adding up her own stories into the show, to bring the audiences the sense of trustful.

Unsurprisingly, the series quickly receives thousands of comments saying how related they feel! People see themselves in each episode, and get gravitated in. As a result, the show clearly wins the audiences’ hearts by ranking #1 in 10 countries when it was first launched and get a desirable 97% on Rotten Tomatoes.

2. An excellent diverse cast

Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher worked hard on cultivating a talent diverse cast, no doubt. Never Have I Ever is the most culturally diverse cast that i have ever seen before. The producers are very particular over deciding who plays what roles. For example, Devi’s family member roles are undertaken by 100% Indian actors, which enable us to get the sense of a typical Indian family dinner. Meanwhile, Paxton Hall Yoshida’s father is Japanese first immigrant generation, thus, he doesnt seems to be exposed heavily to Japanese culture. Devi’s two best friends, Eleanor and Fanoila, are also sharing Asian background.

It’s a brilliant investment, as all the effort has been paid off. Devi’s world is presented so vividly to me. I totally get gravitated into the series, having a clear idea of the difficulties an Asian American has been faced. How Devi’s own culture seems to become an invisible barrier stopping her from fulfilling a trivial dream of a teenager girl.

3. Brilliant Communication Strategy

Despite being firstly aired at the high peak of covid 19 pandemic, it couldn’t cool down the heat of the show. It is because Netflix is genius in its communication strategy. Netflix has worked hard on marketing research. Audiences are likely to spend a short amount of time on online interview shows. So, instead of launching virtual show in hours, Never Hever I Ever campaign comes with 37 different under-20-minute videos with attractive captions like Never Have I Ever Cast Try Pick Up Lines on Each Other, or The Cast of Never Have I Ever Take a Friendship Test, or Never Have I Ever Cast plays Who’s More Likely T,… I have watched all of the shows in the campaign, and totally get excited by the witty answers from the cast. They do not only show the insight of the show but also gives audiences a deeper understanding about the cast themselves. In addition, since the title of the Never Have I Ever is actually a game, so it is not so surprising when the cast are always asked to play game on the show. Since all members of the cast belong to gen Z, except Darren Barnet (Paxton). The virtual shows seem like an online class, which spread a great positive energy to the audiences ❤

Not just that, the influences of Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (Devi) after the success of season 1 is enormous. Netflix hold series of monopoly online shows, interviewing Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. I get amazed by her sense of humor and how clever she is in answering the fans’ questions.

“Why Did That Character Need To Be White?” – Never Have I Ever’s Maitreyi on Representation In Media

Never Have I Ever season 2 interview with star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

‘Never Have I Ever’ Maitreyi Ramakrishnan on Nose Rings and Ben Vs. Paxton

Mindy Kaling and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan Compare Their Hilarious — and Awkward — Teen Moments

Best ways to get rid of Stress that you don’t want to miss out

Life is hard, no doubt! And it is even more challenging during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is just a normal thing to feel stressful since we are being put in such an extremely odd situation, being unable to do nothing but getting locked inside. Though it could root to become depression, more importantly, it could play as a trigger to soar the rate of depression. Living under intense pressure itself is not a healthy exercise and, yes, it might damage emotions and mental health going with the effects of external stimuli.

Well, If you are dealing with stress or depression, I get you! Alexander Pope believes that “Strength of mind is exercise, no rest”. So, why don’t we just start to build a healthier lifestyle, protecting us from being pressured and its negative effects? If you are planning to foster a “stress-free” lifestyle or are currently struggled with stress, this article is for you! These tips may not 100% take away pressures, but they will help you out to manifest a better lifestyle and dealing with all of those pressures.

Start doing exercise

Doing exercises comes up on the top of the list. Exercise, in some perspectives, is actually no more than a physical stress. You might question, “how can physical stress alleviate mental pressure?”. Most people believe in this opinion since exercise requires much work than fun at the very first steps. But when you get used to those routines, you will enjoy them and addict to them.

Looking into science aspect, Harvard Health Publishing explains it is because while doing exercise, the levels of adrenaline and cortisol, which are known as stress hormones, are reduced. Meanwhile, the process encourages producing endorphins, a natural painkiller getting involved in forming feelings of relaxation and optimism.  Thus, pressure is eased at that moment of practicing exercises.

In fact, doing exercises brings up much more benefits for a person than just producing relaxing feelings, benefiting in the long run.  As you know, exercise functions as a great solution in improving physical appearance, putting you in shape, for example. It takes a while to see the result. An individual is required to put time and effort while following the plan. The mental limit is tested and upgraded day by day. Doing exercise strengthens an individual’s mind, bringing a sense of mastery and control. Thus, by doing so every day, we might be strong enough to faced challenges confidently without being afraid of pressure.  Thus, witnessing those changes in the body shape obviously values you with positive emotions. With the upgrade in self-image, your self-confident is also boosted up.

Practise healthy habits

I would mention several kinds of healthy habits that you could think of, such as getting a good night sleep, quitting smoke, eating clean, doing skin care routine. Different from doing exercises, practising healthy habits doesn’t get involved in any natural production of relaxing hormones. It doesn’t directly ease stress, however, practising healthy habits prevents your mind and body from getting worse. When working, our body spends a portion of energy to finish tasks and deal with the work pressure. Healthy habits ensure your body to provide an adequate amount of nutrition, keeping you energetic and productive. Pressures have no chance of letting you down!

Furthermore, when a person is practicing healthy habits, it means that person is taking action in caring more about himself or herself. Spending time with yourself is a good way to generate positive feelings. By doing so, you learn how to love yourself, understand self-value and take pride in what you have. Negative thoughts can’t stop you if the positive energy comes from you.

Stop comparing yourself with other online users

In this era of technology, the internet has embraced human life. We work via internet. We communicate with friends via internet. We study via internet. In fact, we just can’t replace it, yet. However, it comes up with massive pressures.

As you know, the internet offers virtual spaces, allowing us to publish our current achievements and successes. Online users are encouraged to get participated by likes and comments. Social standard has lifted much higher. It is stressful to be surrounded by people with great achievements. Plus, an individual’s value is estimated in public by other comments.  We feel small and useless. As a result, we are put into such a hard game, unstoppable competing with others and keep doubting ourselves. By attempting to affirm self-image online, internet users unconsciously create pressure for themselves and for others.

It is necessary to put a halt in comparing with other online users. Keeping in mind that we are always special on our own!

Be honest with your feelings

If you are struggled with pressure, the key recommendation for you is “Don’t ignore your feelings”. It is not a good idea to avoid your true feelings when you are on an emotional roller coaster.  Ignoring negative feelings is considered as bottling up emotions. Human emotion is similar with a boiling pot. When a lid is put on a boiling pot, the liquid within the pot is pressed and will spill out. Avoiding sadness seems to be an immediate solution to prevent a person from negative feelings, bring him/ her a sense of peaceful. However, while attempting to ignore them, negative feelings aren’t taken away but being accumulated day by day. In fact, it has a high potential of exploring more fiercely with all negative emotions stuck inside physical body. The burst of emotion, unfortunately, can damage yourself and others. So, if you are sad, let the sadness flow through your body!

There are plenty technics to reveals your emotions.

Catching up with friends sometime is a perfect chance to spill the tea. Friends are counted as the most important people in lives. Everybody needs friends. Believe it or not, good friends are also good for your mental health. Being surrounded with friends preventing you from loneliness and stress. Friends brings a sense of safety because they accept the real you, just like how you accept theirs. It is easier to have an open conversation with them, sharing about your problem and feelings. A good friend is willing to sit down and listen to you. They don’t afraid of telling the truth, even if it might be not what you like. Thus, you are able to widen your perspective, being able to look at your problem in other perspectives. Open conversation benefits you by coming up with helpful advice, or at least, getting some mental supports.

If you are not a sharing kind of person or you are far away from your hometown or things are too complicated to share, sharing with friends doesn’t work in those situations. In this case, something as simple as writing is a perfect choice. The term of expressive writing is firstly known in public by social psychologist James W Pennebaker. Expressive writing is mainly about revealing thoughts and feelings by words. Thoughts and feelings are structured, bringing as perspectives and experience while venting emotions on papers. By this way, writers are able to analyse and understand their own situations and emotion. Thus, pressure is eased.

Finally, living in this modern world stuffing up with numerous difficulties, facing pressure is evitable. However, these tips might help you to deal with pressures, keeping you energetic and positive! 🙂

Social media – a trigger of body modification as well as plastic surgery education channel

Undeniably, current beauty standards have been lifted far from what we knew in the past. People are being pushed to follow up those unattainable beauty standards. So, what drives us to have such intense desires?

I would firstly blame on microcelebrity for inflaming all of these unachievable beauty standards. Microcelebrity states behaviours of presenting “oneself as a celebrity regardless of who is paying attention” (Marwick 2013, p.144). As the users, we are (somehow) being put into an intensive competition, craving for a “perfect body shape”. We daily see Instagram influencers posting pictures of themselves with a hot body, big lips, high cheeks, straight nose, curvy body, etc… And, yes, those posts affect us! We unstoppably compare ourselves with famous influencers, sneaking into their profiles and putting effort on changing physical appearance to be one of them, one day. The research shows that women present themselves online with a more highly sexualized version of themselves (Mavroudis, 2020). Social media does a great job of stimulating us to keep following up the trends by giving us like and comment features. As a result, we feel important and dive deeper in!

Furthermore, it is clear that economic factor needs to be counted as involving in promoting body modification. Hot body image is embedded with nightlife promotional via social media (Carah & Dobson 2016, p. 1), directly impacts on aesthetic labours.  With appearance of new beauty standards, aesthetic labours are required with the new requirements of body imaging works.

Come into the picture, plastic surgery has been seen as an immediate solution. There are 523,361 posts of #plasticsurgery, 224,235 posts of #facelift and 138,259 posts of #rhinoplasty found in 2017 (Dorfman et al. 2018). Social media, like Instagram, are being a great channel for education with the assist of hashtags tool. Users are able to easily take research to understand the process as well as risks hidden behind. However, while being expose to mass media, users is likely to engage themselves with unknown surgeon, putting themselves in dangers.

Ultimately, functioning as a digital community, social media, such as Instagram, is the root of the ongoing rise in demand of body modification. Yet, it also plays a critical role in educating users about plastic surgery.


• Marwick, A 2013, Status Update: Celebrity, Publicity, and Branding in the Social Media Age, Yale University, London. • Dorfman, R, Vaca, E, Mahmood, Fine, N & Schierle, C, ‘Plastic Surgery-Related Hashtag Utilization on Instagram: Implications for Education and Marketing’, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Vol. 38, No. 3, pp.332 – 338.

• Mavroudis, J 2020, ‘Lecture 8. Public health campaigns and social media influence’, MDA20009 Digital Communities, Learning materials via Canvas, Swinburne University of Technology, 6 May, viewed 6 May 2020.

• Carah, N & Dobson, A 2016, ‘Algorithmic Hotness: Young Women’s “Promotion” and “Reconnaissance” Work via Social Media Body Images’, Social Media + Society, October 2016.

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